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Gimmick: Shaligram Donation

You would come across lot of website and vendors selling Shaligram and would noticing the word (Donate Now) instead of Buy now.

Well what is the meaning of word “Donate Now” when the buyer is clicking on it (Donate Now) actually he is buying it and spending his money. Is the website owner claiming that all the money so received is being donated. If Yes why don’t you ask the vendor, in which temple it is being donated or to which trust it is being donated or where it is donated. Incase even if he is able you give the name of trust, please cross check it and don’t go by his word and further we will go 1 step ahead. Tell the vendor that you are ready to buy and would like to directly donate the amount of the product (Shaligram) to the temple & trust directly, would he deliver the Shaligram after that. If he says no then say why this Gimmick ”Donate Now” This type of vendors tru to show that they are too religious conscious and they do lot of donation. Is it really so. They sell each and every Shaligram for few thousand to Lakhs and try to show that they donate all the money.

Double Standard and hypocracy is the yardstick here. 

Shameful, unbelievable, hypocrates are ruling the world just for anyting for money.

We at Rudrablessings do not donate at all. We purely sale for earning, take it or leave it.