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Myths about Rudraksha

The below mentioned rumors are most commonly heard & extensively spread ones. Kindly keep your mind open & you would realize none of these are true & non makes sense, it is just inappropriate information that is spread in the market by half learned people or scrupulous vendors.


Myth 1: - Rudraksha should not be worn by ladies.

Myth 2: - One should not consume alcohol & non-veg or have sex at the time of wearing Rudraksha.

Myth 3: - Original Rudraksha sinks in water whereas the duplicate one floats.

Myth 4: - Nothing happens to original Rudraksha on boiling whereas a duplicate Rudraksha breaks.

Myth 5: - Three round 1 mukhi Rudrakshas are produced every year in Nepal.

Myth 6: - Original Rudraksha has a shivalingam, trishul & Om formation on it.

Myth 7: - Nepalese Rudrakshas are original & effective rests all the Rudraksha from different countries are duplicate & ineffective.

Myth 8: - Rudrakshas provided by sadhus, saints, ashrams, vendors from Nepal & vendors providing guarantee certificate are original.

Myth 9: - Rudraksha should be worn as per astrology.

Myth 10: - If one does not follow restrictions & rules while wearing Rudraksha it would cause adverse & harmful effects.

Myth 11: - Collector Rudraksha are sold at premium prices which basically are not collector. …. Beware

Myth 12: Clients believe more the expensive more it is original.

Myth 13:  Some traders believe that they are the king of Rudrakshas

Myth 14: Guarantee certificate provided for each & every Rudraksha..there is no such certificate existing, it is all fake.

Myth 15: Rudraksha tested by laboratory, which laboratory?

Myth 16: People wear Rudraksha outside their shirt or kurtas depicting that there extra spiritual & pious, we request you to wear Rudrakshas inside in shirt close to your body & not showing it off.


Do write to us if we could be of any further help to you & also if you could share some common myths

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