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Certificate of Authenticity

Rudraksha Authenticity Certificate

For almost every Rudraksha buyer the Rudraksha Authenticity/Guarantee certificate means a lot as this so called "Authenticity/Guarantee certificate satisfies & secures the client to a great level. We, RudraBlessings would like to bring to your notice & expose the hidden facts behind this so called Authenticity/Guarantee certificate given for every purchase of Rudraksha by various renowned vendors, websites & T.V channels.

You must have most commonly seen that a "Authenticity/Guarantee certificate" is provided for every Rudraksha purchased from various websites or vendors.

We would like to ask you a question "have you ever given a thought that does the Authenticity/Guarantee certificate provided hold any value?"

For your knowledge & security we would like to tell you that this so called Authenticity/Guarantee certificate is of no value at all as it is not provided by any government approved laboratoty. The "Authenticity/Guarantee Certificate" is issued by the company itself under their own letter head and signed by their own representative. As per the law a certificate doesn’t hold any value unless it is signed or approved by a government authority or unless the authority is given to the company by the government. So, if you just put your thoughts together you would realize that a Authenticity/Guarantee certificate can be provided by any vendor even for a fake Rudraksha & you can’t do anything about it, hence this so called guarantee certificate holds no value & is just a piece of good quality self glorified paper which is being used to take you in confidence & further push you to buy from the vendor, further it is just a marketing stunt. You would never know the authenticity of your Rudraksha just with the help of the so called "Authenticity/Guarantee certificate". Infact with a guarantee certificate provided you would believe that even the fake Rudraksha provided to you is genuine. Being one of the oldest Rudraksha firms in the market we have seen well known vendors also resorting to sell "so called Rudrakshas" under the support of "so called Authenticity/Guarantee certificate. If you do not believe us you can simply ask the vendor providing a Authenticity/Guarantee certificate whether the same is approved by government approved lab or not & most likely the answer you would receive is "No" or may be some other twisted answer.

Putting the entire above issue in a lay man’s language we would like to tell you that this so called "Authenticity/Guarantee certificate" is equivalent to a MBBS Doctor certificate which has been signed by your own self certifying your ownself that you are an MBBS Doctor. Would anybody take medicine or injection from you? We would like to ask you "do you think such a certificate will hold any value & you will be recognized as a MBBS Doctor in the society?"

Infact you are doing nothing but adding on to or unintentionally encouraging the malpractices followed in the stream of Rudraksha.

We at RudraBlessings do not believe in providing a Authenticity/Guarantee certificate rather we go to the extreme & say that if you doubt us you may not buy from us. Let us also bring to your notice that we are the only firm who has exposed the fact of this so called "Authenticity/Guarantee certificate". We have also explained each & every possible test of authenticity & other various information & facts on our website for our esteemed clients & readers so that they are not dependent on anyone & don’t get cheated by anyone easily. Even if this doesn’t satisfy you we insist that you do not buy from us & buy from vendors providing guarantee certificate but in any manner we shall never follow the trend of issuing a Bogus guarantee certificate.

Now we would like to ask you one more question "would you ever fall to the trap of such vendors?"

Being educated we are sure that you would be able to judge for yourself regarding what is right & what is wrong rather than we guiding your further.

Please Note: We do not provide government lab certificate


                                               Wake up!!


Thanking You


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