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Can rudraksha cure diseases?

Lot of vendors claim certain particular Rudraksha is good for certain particular disease. We at Rudrablessings are stunned, how they say that a particular Rudraksha is good for a particular disease. Just imagine if this would be the case there would be no heart disease, no kidney disease, no AIDS, no Cancer, and no other disease. All hospital would be closed. Full world's disease cure for all disease would be available on these website.

Just imagine how these vendors claims only to corner some huge chunk of money by promoting sales. Prospective clients are requested to ask these vendors how many cancer patients they have cured, their names, address, phone number in details, how many heart patients they have cured with their magic with complete name & details how many kidney patients they have cured. How many blind they have converted to visionary . How many liver diseased patient they have cured, tell them to prove them in writing and give them the details in writing.

 We at Rudrablessings don’t believe in promoting such type of fictitious sales, Since we are not sitting inside the Rudraksha like this vendors might be sitting inside since they are claiming it.. We don’t give false promises, we don’t create rosy picture, we don’t play on human emotions since we have really no calculation how and when any particular disease is cured. We request a prospective client not to fall in the trap and if possible not to even buy from us when it comes to cure of certain disease. We have no answers for any cure. 


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