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Authenticity & Identification of Rudraksha


The one question that comes to a persons mind before buying a Rudraksha is “How does one check the authenticity of a Rudraksha?

Unlike most of the Rudraksha traders we do have an answer for this. First of all let us bring to your knowledge that we are the proud traders of Rudraksha to find & disclose the closest authenticity test of Rudraksha beads.This authenticity test founded by us shall bring about lot of awareness & help people in not getting cheated anymore.


Rudraksha Authenticity test

“The number of seeds in internal of each non manipulated Rudraksha bead should be equal to the number of mukhis/ facets that it has on its external structure.” If the number of seeds is not equal to the number of mukhis then there are chances of external manipulation taken place on the outer surface of Rudraksha which further can be detected by an expert. There are certain exceptions to the test which are as follows

1)    In a few varieties of Rudrakshas the number of seeds is more than the number of mukhis for example, if one or more mukhis of a Rudraksha have not developed naturally, then the number of seeds in the internal of the Rudraksha will be more than the number of mukhis it has on its outer surface, one can assume that the mukhis have not developed naturally only if the analyst is certain that there is no external manipulation.

2)    The above test is sounder for Rudrakshas of Nepalese & Indonesian Origin.

3)    This is the closest test to find out the genuinety of a Rudraksha, this test also has some limitations. At times when the Rudrakshas are cut open we have noticed that the seeds are not well developed & hence appear like a very minute cavity or like a dot. Well, now every time to test a Rudraksha one wouldn’t want to cut open the bead & would rather prefer to get the x ray of the Rudraksha done, in such a case the seeds which are not well developed may not be well exposed in the x-ray or could be difficult for a lay person to interpret the x ray, further it may also be difficult to conclude on basis of a blur x-ray. This is the only close test that could prove the authenticity of a Rudraksha berry. If you wish to know how to check the genuinety of Rudrakshas.


Most of the other common tests existing are misleading or incomplete.

Tests like 1) Floating in water test 2) milk changing colour test 3) Copper coin test 4) Boiling test.

All the above mentioned tests are incomplete & hence very misleading. RudraBlessings takes deep effort to bring about the awareness of Rudraksha & protect Rudraksha lovers from getting misleaded.


Floating In Water Test

Test like ‘Rudraksha that sinks in water is original andthe Rudraksha that floats in water is a duplicate’ is just a myth.

A) Genuine Rudraksha could either float or sink in water depending upon the density or moisture trapped in the bead. A genuine Rudraksha that is not oiled, very dry & light in weight will float. Similarly, a bead that is heavy or oiled or kept in water for some time will sink because of the moisture in it; a recently plucked bead might sink because of moisture in it & at same bead if lying in your collection box for a couple of years might float due to its dryness. Further, the same dry bead if kept in water for a few hours or days shall absorb water & start sinking slowly.

 B) When a bead is dipped in a glass of water, it will find its own buoyancy level from the bottom to the top of the glass depending upon the level of moisture in it. It is proved that any authentic bead could either float or sink just depending upon the dryness or moisture in that bead. It also happens so that a Rudraksha bead finds it buoyancy level in the centre of the glass.

 C) At the same time a so called Rudraksha bead carved out of wood & filled with lead or an anonymous metal might sink in water which doesn’t mean that it is an original Rudraksha bead.

D) Even if some stand by the water test, one needs to just ask a simple question to them; the Rudraksha might be original but how does the water test prove the genuinety of the mukhi (facets) it has on it. The faces can be carved on a genuine heavy Rudraksha that sinks in water. After all, we are paying the price for an original Rudraksha bead with original (mukhis) facets.

Therefore, in either case, it cannot be proved whether the Rudraksha bead is an original or a fake one. It just proves whether it is a dry or a moist bead, nothing else.


Milk Test

It is often claimed by many cheats or ignorant vendors that a genuine Rudraksha when put in a jar of milk; changes the colour of the milk. Many a times what happens is that the Rudraksha beads are coated with mud by the farmers to protect it from insects. So once the Rudraksha coated with mud is put in milk it starts loosing its coating & brings about a change in the colour of the milk. This coating can be done even on a fake bead which will bring about the same change on the milk.

Further, even if some believe that there is some sense or logic it, this test again does not prove the authenticity of the mukhis / facets that the Rudraksha has on it. This is usually done to promote the sale of a fake Rudraksha.


Copper Coin Test

There are many other criteria written to prove the authenticity of a Rudraksha bead like revolving between two coins & the milk changing colour after the bead is soaked in it for a night. But all these are not a correct criterion because a bead with magnetic field will rotate & if the bead is coloured with mud for protection it will loose its colour. Therefore, we should not bother about these suspicions and false notions.


Duplicate Rudrakshas

Duplicate Rudrakshas are to be found in different places all over the world but easily found in places like Rishikesh & Haridwar in Uttaranchal, India & all over Nepal. Moreover nowadays Rudraksha beads are not fake but the mukhis on them are fake.

A skillful artisan can increase the mukhis (facets) of a low priced Rudraksha bead by neatly giving extra cuts & converting it to a higher mukhi (facets) Rudraksha bead that will fetch him a higher price. Similarly, he could also hide or block a few mukhis (facets) on a low priced Rudraksha bead converting it to a lower Mukhi bead that would fetch him a higher price. Only an experienced eye can detect this.

These artisans also use superfine glue to attach or join two or three Lower priced beads together converting them to a highly priced Gaurishanker or an exorbitantly priced Trijudi Rudraksha. Nevertheless, these glued beads can be detected by dipping them completely in boiled (not boiling) water. There are chances that the glue would give in and loose strength and the two or three beads artificially attached may get separated from each other. But Nowadays due to the usage of superfine glue by the artisans there are chances that the beads may not get separated, So ultimately it is the experienced eye that can detect the same.

Many other trees that do not belong to the Elaeocarpacae Granitrus family bear fruits that look very similar to the Rudraksha bead. This could be very misleading, as a normal eye might not realize the difference immediately.

Ultimately, the only way to convince yourself or buy a Rudraksha bead is on trust. The Rudraksha should be brought from a genuine supplier who is accountable to the people. Buying Rudraksha is like buying Gems in which buyers buy from a trusted supplier only and thus buyers needs to consult other previous buyers for the genuine suppliers and their experience of dealing with them, before taking a decision to purchase these beads.

Nothing else helps. We recommend even to the extents that if you do not trust us, do not buy from us.

The authenticity cannot be proved by anything but an experienced eye. If you trust us and have any further queries, you are free to mail us on www.rudrablessings.com or contact us. We are here to serve you. RudraBlessings strictly believes in giving complete satisfaction to the prestige’s customers with anything regarding any of our products.