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Our Story

Rudraksha literally means tears of lord Shiva & RudraBlessings has literally turned out to be a blessing of the great Lord Shiva.

Rohan Advani, son of the owner, unknowingly and accidentally solely formed RudraBlessings with the intention of enlightening the people of this rare, supernatural and divine bead "The Rudraksha".

Rohan had immense interest in astrology and palmistry at a tender age of 16 in the year 2000. While going through the books of the same he came across the word Rudraksha. Out of curiosity, he started buying and collecting Rudrakshas. He started meeting learned and known people in this field, with the help of whatever he got to know from them he started experimenting on the different mukhis (facets) of the Rudrakshas to know their origins and effects. The deeper he went into the study, the more interested he became. It fascinated him. The more he knew, the more he wanted to know... He wanted to know everything about this miraculous bead. He started realizing the value and importance of the different mukhis of each Rudraksha. He learned the higher properties of the Rudraksha bead by experimenting and reading various books on them. The study of the Rudraksha bead gave him immense psychological power. People meeting him were impressed by him because of the knowledge he possessed at such a young age. People near to him convinced him for recommending the different Rudrakshas to them for their various problems. He also started recommending the various beads to his young friends pertaining to different problems. It helped them. They in turn started introducing him to their family, friends and relatives. Everyone wanted to be benefited by this miraculous bead. Families after families wanted him to recommend the right Rudraksha for them. The remarkable trust people held in him at that age was very inspiring. Moreover the outcome of his own experiences were unknown to a all the learned people in the field of Rudraksha who helped him in this study.

His mother, Karishma Advani, a creative fashion designer, and a firm follower of Radha Soami cult, (which is followed world wide by people of different religion), recognized the ability of her son and having the right fore sight to serve the mankind, encouraged her son to help solve the various problems of people with this enchanting wonder bead of nature, a gift by the supreme the one and only one Lord Shiva, "the Rudraksha". In spite of his family business: his father has a well-established firm dealing in a variety of engineering products and the educational responsibilities: (he just passed his T.Y.Bcom and is planning for the M.B.A.), Rohan's baby was born with the grace of Lord Shiva.

He named it as "RudraBlessings"
Rohan welcomes you to the world of Rudraksha.
Possess the power of Rudraksha……………….RudraBlessings