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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 1 Mukhi Savar Rudraksha from Nepal - Bead No. 73
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 1 Mukhi Savar Rudraksha from Nepal - Bead No. 73

1 Mukhi Savar Rudraksha from Nepal - Bead No. 73 Made in the Nepal

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Name: 1 Mukhi Savar
Origin: Nepalese
Quality: 100% genuine - Excellent
Size: 25.00mm apprx.
Ruling lord: Lord Shiva

Actual Picture: The image shown is the actual picture of the product. It is not a representative image. Generally tactics used by other websites is to give one best representative product image and not the actual image, and further supply as per their own desire.
We at Rudrablessings supply you the same product as shown in the image, not as per our desire, provided the same product is not marked as sold.

Authenticity: Whether you buy or do not buy from us is secondary, but we insist that you must click to read the so called Authenticity Certificate before making any purchase from any trader.
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Free Making: In Gold Plated Caps (not pure gold) and Silver coated wire (not pure silver) attached in Red/Black thread.

Well known website owners & vendors claim 1 Mukhi is 100% cure for Migranes, headaches, and nightmares. We do not make such types of claim, its for buyer to decide.

1 mukhi savar is an unusual type of 1 mukhi Rudraksha, It is a twin bead of which 1 bead is of one mukhi which is naturally attached to the other bead which could be of any mukhi. The importance here is of 1 Mukhi bead that is riding or in other words sitting on other bead which may be of  other Mukhi hence it is called as Savar Rudraksha as savar or Savari in hindi means riding or sitting.

Product Description

1 mukhi Rudraksha is the most sought after Rudraksha & is considered to be the rarest. Well now when we talk about the rarest 1 mukhi Rudraksha then we are talking about the round shaped 1 mukhi Rudraksha which is almost impossible to get, there are certain exceptions to 1 mukhi round as well but shall become all together different topic now. Besides 1 mukhi round, there are 2 other types of 1 mukhi Rudraksha produced a) 1 mukhi Savar Rudraksha & b) 1 mukhi crescent shaped Rudraksha.

The 1 mukhi crescent shaped Rudraksha is sold as the subsitute for 1 mukhi round Rudraksha without providing adequate knowledge to the buyer. This Rudraksha is not at all rare & is commonly available with most Rudraksha sellers projecting it as rare but now a days manipulation with this commonly produced Rudraksha has also become very common hence one needs to be careful to select the right one without any manipulation.....

Whereas the 1 mukhi savar Rudraksha is considered to be the actual one mukhi Rudraksha that could provide somewhat equivalent effects like 1 mukhi round Rudraksha, however less buyers & sellers are aware of this.  It is a highly rare & sought after bead but available in comparison to the round 1 mukhi Rudraksha(very rare & not produced since many years now). It is said that its effects are miraculous. On faithful worship, it blesses its wearer with progress, physical, mental and financial prosperity. It also helps in meditation & is an excellent bead for spiritual upliftment. This is the most recommended form of 1 mukhi Rudraksha after the Round 1 Mukhi bead, which is rare & difficult to find.

The product on sale here is the pure 1 mukhi savar Rudraksha from nepal. We have farmers having ancestral plantations of Rudraksha trees & they too claim that the perfect one mukhi round shape hasn’t been produced since a very very long time.

Possess the Power of 1 mukhi Savar Rudraksha…...RudraBlessings.com 

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Thank to the management team of rudrablessings to send four mukhy rudraksh in good packing. The method of managing the organisation is superb. Delivery is very fast.

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