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Energization of rudraksha

Energizing Procedure of Rudrakshas
Note: Rudraksha is an auspicious product & we believe one should energize the same before using it for the 1st time to gain maximum benefits. The energizing procedure is very simple & one need not depend or trust anyone blindly to perform this act. There are many vendors who claim to energize the Rudrakshas before dispatching which may actually haven’t been done….moreover you are wearing Rudrakshas for your benefit so it would be great if you do not depend on anyone & take the extra effort to perform this auspicious & simple ritual on your own.
Below mentioned are the ways & procedures that would help you energize your Rudrakshas.
Procedure 1:
The below mentioned procedure can help you perfom rudra abhishek on your own even without the help of a priest. You can perfom the Rudraksha energization process in a Lord shiva temple or even at your home as per your convinience.
We believe that you are wearing Rudrakshas for your benefit out of your belief, faith & respect, so we personally recommend that it is best if you energize your Rudrakshas yourself or for your dear ones, rather than trusting anyone. Its very simple, kindly follow the procedure mentioned below.
Procedure Requirements:
1 Clean Plate, Water in glass or lota, unboiled Milk in glass or lota, Sugar or honey, Essence Stick, Flowers, (all in small quantity)
Step 1:
• Choose an auspicious day.  Preferably Monday being Lord Shiva’s day can be chosen.
• Mahashivratri and month of Shravan all days are auspicious hence any day can be chosen in Shravan
• Place the Rudraksha on a fresh unused plate.
• Wash Rudraksha with unboiled milk mixed with a pinch of sugar or honey whichever easily available and then clean it with water & keep chanting the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaye” till you finish pouring milk (keep half the quantity of milk for step 2) & water on it.

Step 2:
• Touch Rudraksha or complete set of Rudraksha Mala on Lord’s Shivling and keep it at bottom of Shivling, Shivling being round hence Rudraksha can be kept at the bottom lof Shivling anywhere. (Please do not wear Mala to the Shivling, you are just suppose to touch and place at the bottom of shivling)
Step 3:
• Pour Milk mixed with Honey or pinch of sugar on Shivling, now not on Rudraksha but only on Shivling.
• Incase milk after pouring on Shivling flows on Rudraksha or not is not important at all.
• Now offer some flowers to Shivling not necessary to Rudraksha
• Chant the specific mantra of the mukhis that you have chosen, minimum of 9 times or in multiple of nine times upto 108 times if you feel like. Most of the Rudrakshas share a common mantra or further in case you do not remember Mantras just chant Om Namah Shivaye 9 times and your Abhishek is performed.
The mantras of each Rudraksha are given below.

One Mukhi "Om Hreem Namaha", Om Namaha Shivaye 
Two Mukhi "Shree Gauri Shankaraya Namah", 'Om Namaha' 
Three Mukhi "O Kleem Namah, Om Namaha Shivaye" 
Four Mukhi "Om Hreem Namaha". 
Five Mukhi "Om Namaha Shivaya","Om Hreem Namah" 
Six Mukhi "Swami Kaartikeya Namaha","Om Hreem Hoom Namaha". 
Seven Mukhi "Om MahaLaxmi Namah","Om Hum Namah". 
Eight Mukhi "Om Hoom Namah, Om Ganeshaya Namaha" 
Nine Mukhi "Nav Durgayi Namah","Om Hreem Hum Namah". 
Ten Mukhi "Shree Narayanaaye Namah"," Shree Vishnavai Namaha","Om Hreem Namaha" 
Eleven Mukhi "Om Shree Rudraya Namah","Om Hreem Hoom Namah". 
Twelve Mukhi "Shree Suryay Namaha" "Om Krown Shown Rown Namah". 
Thirteen Mukhi "Om Hreem Namah". 
Fourteen Mukhi "Om Namaha Shivaye". 

After completion of the above described steps take the Rudrakshas in your hand &  thank the lord for giving you the opportunity to wear a Rudraksha, pray for your well being, wear your Rudraksha chanting “Om Namah Shivaye” 9 times. Thereafter, the Rudraksha thus becomes divine, and creates a layer of divine armour around its worshipper and bestows prosperity. Further, if possible kindly donate anything as per your desire to a needy person. 

Procedure 2: Incase you do not wish to perform Rudra Abhsihek on your own & would like a priest to do it for you then kindly follow the below procedure
Kindly visit any Lord Shiva temple on a Monday or any auspicious day, offer the priest whatever dakshina (donation) you wish to offer & request him to perform the Rudra Abhishek for you. He shall ask for your name, then shall start energizing the Rudraksha by offering milk, water, flowers, incense (kindly carry the required pooja items like unboiled milk mix with pinch of sugar or honey and essence stick with you) & bless it with mantras in your name. With the completion of this procedure the blessings & permission of lord Shiva has been taken, kindly take the Rudrakshas in your hand, thank the lord for giving you the opportunity to wear a Rudraksha, offer prayers for your well being, chant the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaye” 9 times & where it. If possible donate some food or money or any other form of help to the needy as per your desire.
Kindly note: there are many people in the world who could afford to wear the most expensive Rudrakshas but since they are not lucky enough they do not even know about Rudrakshas, here we are simply trying to say that one just cannot wear Rudrakshas by their own will and desire, one really needs to be extremely blessed & for the same you need to thank God. We at Rudrablessings believe that you are one of the luckiest few to possess Rudraksha.
Further incase of any doubts, information or suggestions feel free to contact us we would be glad to assist you.
Possess the Power of Rudrakshas………………….RudraBlessings.