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4 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits Article, Original 4 Mukhi Rudraksha

Original Four faced 4 Mukhi Rudraksha has four natural groves running from top to the bottom of the Rudraksha & it represents the creator of the universe “Lord Brahma”. Lord Brahma is the creator of the logical, rational & structural thinking and helps its possessor to develop the power of creativity, originality, concentration, awareness, focus & memorizing. This is ideal for Students, Artists, Writers, Professionals, Journalists, scientists, scholars, architects, businessmen, designers, etc.

Benefits of 4 mukhi Rudraksha

• 4 Mukhi Rudraksha governs logical, rational, structural thinking & is said to increase focus & concentration of the wearer making it excellent for people who have a weak memory, low grasping power & are absent minded.
• It is also said that 4 mukhi Rudraksha helps improvise the creative skills, communication skills & reduce intellectual dullness  of its wearer.
• Also recommended for people who face problems due to a weak or negative Mercury / Budh astrologically.
• Many sites & vendors also recommend different Rudrakshas to overcome various specific fatal & non fatal diseases but we have no idea if Rudrakshas actually cures them; however for your convenience below is the list of diseases that other sites are claiming to be cured by 4 mukhi rudraksha
• Loss of memory, epilepsy are cured.
• Mental diseases are benefited.
• paralysis/gall bladder diseases are eliminated.
• Controls mental stress.
• All disorders related to mind is cured. 
• Concentration is achieved.
• Rudraksha crown is made with this bead (550 numbered beads)
• For cure of memory loss or any mental disorder boil with milk for 15 min and then consume. 
• ENT problem, paralysis, sexual diseases are cured.
• Memory loss is avoided with use of this bead.
• Hand/arm/lung/thyroid/gall bladder diseases are benefited.
• Adrenal and heart area of the body are controlled.

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