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Kalash Rudraksha

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Size: 22.00mm apprx.



Name: Kalash Rudraksha 
Origin: Indonesian

Size: 22.00mm apprx.
Quality: Superfine (10 grams is shipping weight, not the actual weight)
Speciality: It looks a kalash pot with leaves
Stock: Could be 1 piece in the world - rarest of rare category

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This is a very unique , rarest of rare rudraksha produced by nature & very likely this could be the only piece in the world & no second similar or identical piece to it.
This unique Rudraksha has naturally formed in the shape of a Kalash. Kalash is formed with the pot and mango leaves kept on it and one coconut placed on it. The complete set is called as a Kalash, once worshipped it is a symbol of Goddess Mahalakshmi - goddess of wealth, an invitation to wealth.
Further to complete the Kalash, coconut has to be placed on the Kalash pot and we have in our possession, one piece of Unique Rudraksha in a form of Coconut which you can view on the link given below.
Coconut Rudraksha


Kalash Rudraksha

 Rudraksha are perfectly round & oval in shape but this rudraksha has taken a different elongated protruding shape which resembles the auspicious kalash making it very rare, auspicious, a collectors delight & one of a kind in the entire world & nothing less than a wonder of the world. We have seen this kind of a Rudraksha for the first time in our career. We have not seen any other trader also possesing or displaying this Kind of a Rudraksha.

Have you heard it before? Incase yes, have you seen it before? Incase no or in either ways take a glance at the worlds rare of rarest Rudrakshas on display produced by the great Mother Earth & possessed by RudraBlessings with the blessings of “The Ultimate”, “The Supreme”, the one & only, the greatest “Lord Shiva” 
These Rudrakshas are so rare that its effects would be best known to nature itself (Lord Shiva). It is mentioned in the Vedas that Rudrakshas are produced from 1 face to 38 faces but the description of Rudrakshas above 21 face are not a part of the Vedas, Most of the people haven’t even heard about it & a few who have they mustn’t have seen it, one needs to be blessed with real good karmas to even have a look at them.
One can also say the seeing is believing, so one is always welcome to have a look at them personally at our Showroom with prior appointment.
Take a look at the rare of rarest & not rarest of rare Rudrakshas from 21 mukhi to 31 mukhi Rudraksha. May be just a look at them would bring lot of changes in your life.

Upto the point we do not see physically any other piece we have full rights to claim "UNIQUE RAREST OF RARE BEAD" see it to believe it.
Possess the Power of Rare of Rarest Rudrakshas………RudraBlessings.Com 

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Kalash Rudraksha
Kalash Rudraksha


SR - 7

Size: 22.00mm apprx. ACTUAL PHOTO