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Enroute to Rudraksha Shahi Indrani Mala from Nepal

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Name: Enroute to Rudraksha Shahi Indrani Mala

Configuration: 1 to 18 mukhi + 1 Pcs Gaurishanker + Ganesha Rudraksha. (Total: 20 Pcs)

Origin: All Nepalese except 1 Mukhi Indian

Quality: 100% Authentic - Superfine

Disclaimer: Please read Caution / Disclaimer before purchasing from us.

Availability: This is an excellent mala for those who wish to possess an Shahi Indrani Mala but are not willing to spend at once since this mala does'nt contain 19, 20, 21 Mukhi Rudraksha hence comparatively price remains low, if you take a look, all the beads i.e from 2 Mukhi upto 18 Mukhi are Nepalese & only one bead i.e 1 Mukhi of Indian origin is used. So overall it remains cost effective. 19, 20, 21 Mukhi Rudraksha can always be added whenever desired with extra cost hence it is named as Enroute to Shahi Indrani Mala. 

Design/ Size: Made in gold and silver plated caps and wire and attached to red/black thread or 5 Mukhi Rudraksha beads as per clients requirements to fit neck of any size & to suit its visibility. Suitable for both male & female, very light in weight.


Enroute to Rudraksha Shahi Indrani Mala from Nepal

                                                                                                                “What is Rudraksha Shahi Indrani Mala”

“Rudraksha Shahi Indrani mala” is one of the rarest & most powerful Rudraksha combination a person can ever possess. Since some of the Rudrakshas used in the mala without which the mala is not complete are highly rare, one really needs to be blessed with real good karmas to possess this rare Rudraksha mala. A true combination for multiple achievements in various spheres of life. It is said that possessing the various Rudrakshas together in the form of a Rudraksha Shahi Indrani mala is as good as having an ocean in a tea pot or having the entire universe with you. 

It is said that the worshipper or wearer of this mala is empowered by high energy levels (however we do not have the measurement of same)and supreme divinity in such a way that the person can overcome any kind of odds to get all round success and peace in life. Wearing a Rudraksha Shahi Indrani mala helps the person to reach the desired levels in life. Over & above this it helps you reduce the negative effects & increase the positive effects of all nine planets in your life. It is for sure only countable people on earth would be lucky ones to possess this auspicious gift of the one & only, our great Lord Shiva. The vast range of benefits that one could receive from this rare combination would be difficult to be put into words. Please note this mala is also commonly known as Indra mala, however the term “Indra mala” is not mentioned in the Vedic texts it is the name given by humans & we are not aware of the reason why this name is given to it. However we hereby call this auspicious mala as “Rudraksha Shahi Indrani Mala” being the most powerful, hence Shahi - THE ULTIMATE 

Basic Configuration


1 mukhi x 1pc
2 mukhi - 21 mukhi Rudraksha x 1 pc
Gaurishanker Rudraksha x 1pc
Ganesha Rudraksha x 1 pc


Total = 1 - 21 mukhi + Gaurishanker + Ganesha Rudraksha

23 pcs


Note) Forming or completing an Rudraksha Shahi Indrani mala is not difficult but forming a Rudraksha Shahi Indrani mala of GENUINE Rudraksha beads of either origin(Nepalese or Indonesian) is extremely difficult. We strongly recommend please do not get carried away with distributors encouraging only Nepalese Rudrakshas & discouraging Indonesian Rudrakshas in specific as Rudrakshas do not work on origin or size but on the basis of genuineness & formation of its faces (mukhis)…know more. Rudraksha Shahi Indrani mala of both Indonesian and Nepalese origin is very rare, just go for the origin that suits your needs & falls in your budget.

One can even form a Rudraksha Shahi Indrani mala comprising of Rudrakshas from both origins(combination).


                                 Possess the Power of Rudraksha Shahi Indrani Mala………RudraBlessings

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Enroute to Rudraksha Shahi Indrani Mala from Nepal
Enroute to Rudraksha Shahi Indrani Mala from Nepal