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Rudrani Mala in silver (108+1)

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Name: Rudrani Mala in silver
Configuration: Rudrani (3-4mm) x 108+1pcs = 109 beads make 1 Mala
Quality: 100% Authentic - Superfine.
Size of each bead: 3-4mm approx.
Quality: 100% Authentic - Excellent (10 grams is shipping weight, not the actual weight)
Authenticity: Whether you buy or do not buy from us is secondary, but we insist that you must read the so called Authenticity Certificate before making any purchase from any trader.
Disclaimer: Please click to read Caution / Disclaimer before purchasing from us. We would take it for granted you have read the same before purchase.

Approx. 70-80 grade Silver caps are used, that means purity of silver is 70-80% approx.

Please also note, due to oxidation and exposure to air / moisture and to human body after wearing, the caps may turn black, hence we do not guarantee the shine of the same.
We cannot predict the time period in which it may turn black, it may vary from person to person.
Even pure silver exposed to air and moisture turns black on its own.

Beautiful whitish colour rudrani, practically impossible (nearly getting extinct) to get such a small size in original form.

Rudrani Mala in silver (108+1)

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Rudrani Mala in silver (108+1)
Rudrani Mala in silver (108+1)