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Rudraksha Surya Business Pendant From Nepal

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Name: Shri Surya Business / Service Pendant
Configuration: 7 mukhi + 8 mukhi + 10 mukhi + 12 mukhi Rudraksha. 
Total no. of Rudrakshas used = 4 pcs.
Origin: Nepalese - Std size beads.
Quality: 100% Authentic - Excellent (10 grams is shipping weight, not the actual weight)
Size / Design: Made in gold plated caps (not pure gold) and silver coated wire (not pure silver) attached to red / black thread.

Authenticity: Whether you buy or do not buy from us is secondary, but we insist that you must read the so called Authenticity Certificate before making any purchase from any trader.
Disclaimer: Please click to read Caution / Disclaimer before purchasing from us. We would take it for granted you have read the same before purchase.
Picture shown is a representational image, not the actual image of the product, since being natural product variation in colour, size is but natural.  
Purpose: In addition to Shri Ganesha- Laxmi Narayan Pendant we have added a 12 muki Rudraksha to it. Purpose: The surya Business Pendant is designed for professionals/service / business persons who find themselves very weak in decision making & who fail to seek their share of recognition amongst their own people or in their own field. Further, it is excellent for financial growth, reducing financial obstacles, achieving success, protection againts evil influences & jealousy & so on..


Rudraksha Surya Business Pendant From Nepal

This Rudraksha combination comprises of :
12 mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Sun/ Surya devta, it is said that the wearer of the twelve-faced (12 mukhi) Rudraksha is blessed with administrative capacity & decision making; it increases self-confidence & motivation.12 mukhi Rudraksha is a very powerful bead & like the Sun which is the biggest source of energy & light, it gives light to it’s possessor in all the directions, hence it is said that when invoked, it helps the wearer prosper in all fields. It is effective for politicians, administrators, businesspersons, and executives. Twelve mukhi Rudraksha is a must for people seeking fame & recognition in their field & also for people who wish to enhance their leadership qualities.

8 mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Ashtivinayak (Lord Ganesha in 8 forms); Lord Ganesha is known as the “Vigna Harta” according to the Vedic Shastras, which means “destroyer of obstacles”. Hence, the Eight-faced (8 mukhi) Rudraksha helps to overcome obstacles & brings success whatever work you start or are stuck in. Some people face regular stoppages in whatever they pursue it doesnt go smoothly; this is excellent for them

7 mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Mahalaxmi i.e. Goddess of wealth & prosperity. It is said that this Rudraksha helps rise in income & in overcoming an kind of financial crisis & blesses its worshipper with prosperity & wealth.

10 mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Vishnu; according to hindu mythology wherever Lord Narayan (Lord Vishnu) is worshipped Goddess Mahalaxmi doesn’t leave that place hence 10 mukhi Rudraksha when combined with 7 mukhi becomes a form of Laxmi-Narayan & helps in growth as well as retaining finance & wealth. This Rudraksha also protects its wearer against evil / negative / jealous eye & negative competition.

Possess the Power of Surya Business / Service Pendant.....RudraBlessings.com.

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Rudraksha Surya Business Pendant From Nepal
Rudraksha Surya Business Pendant From Nepal