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Ruby - 9 - 5.94 carats

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Weight: 5.94 carats

Name: The Ruby / Manek / Surya / Sun
Origin: Guinea (West Africa)
Weight: 5.94 carat
Colour: Pinkish red
Measurements: 12 x 8.06 x 6.6 mm
Shape & cut: Oval, Faceted
Luster: Excellent
Transparency: Transparent - Excellent
Grading : A (On scale A to E)
Quality: Astro Quality
Treatments: None (Guaranteed natural & unheated)
Ideal for: Women / Men's ring, Pendant, Birthstone, Collectors
Certificate: Free G.i.i certificate provided.
Purpose: The Ruby / Manek is worn to reduce the malefic effects or increase the benefic effects of planet “Sun / Surya” on the wearer....Know more.... 

Ruby - 9 - 5.94 carats

The Ruby - Manek (the king of Navratna)


Astrological & Cosmic properties


Ruling Planet

The Sun / Surya

Ruling Day

Sunday / Ravivaar

Cosmic Colour




Start wearing on


Time to be worn at

08.40 am

To be worn in (Metal)


Part of Body

Ring Finger or Neck

Sun / Surya Mantra

"Om Grrni Suryaye Namah".

Donation to please Sun / Surya

Red cloth, copper, wheat, kheer or any orangish red food stuff.

Energisation process

Click here

Anniversary gemstone for

15 th & 40 th year of marriage

Birth Stone for




Astrological Purpose

To increase/strengthen the benefic properties & reduce the negative/weak properties of Sun / Surya in an individual’s birth chart or for overall well being if worn as a birth stone.

Other Benefits

Worn for decision making,leadership qualities, authority, prosperity,guidance, heart fame & recognition.

Avoid Wearing Ruby with

B. Sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite, Cat’s Eye, Pearl.

Immediate Substitute

Red garnet / Sun Stone


The Ruby - Manek


Geological & Gemological Properties


Trade Name

Ruby/ Manek / Surya / Yaqoot

Other Names

Padmaraga, Shona-Ratna, Ravi-Ratna, Gem of the sun.

Species / group


Chemical Composition



Light Yellow to Golden Yellow

Crystal System

Trigonal prismatic crystal or cubic

Derives its colour from


Hardness on Moh’s scale


Refractive Index

1.760 – 1.779


3.97 – 4.05 

Phenomenon / Transparency

Transparent to opaque



Care / Remarks


Principal Occurrences

India,Burma, parts of Africa, Thailand, Afghanistan

Beware of

Rubelite, Synthentic rubies

Famous Rubies: Ruby is one the mostexpensive gems, large rubies being rarer than comparable diamonds. The largestcuttable ruby weighed 400ct; it was found in Burma & divide into threeparts. Famous stones of exceptional beauty are the Edwardes Ruby which weighed(167ct) in the british museum of natural history in London, the Rosser reevesstar ruby weighing 138.7 ct in the Simthsonian Institution in Washington D.C.,the De Long Star Ruby” (100ct) in the American museum of natural history in NewYork, the prince Ruby (43 ct), thus called because it was found in 1919 at theend of World war -1.


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Ruby - 9 - 5.94 carats
Ruby - 9 - 5.94 carats


R - 9 - 5.94cts

Weight: 5.94 carats