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We design Rudraksha & Gems combinations for you, specific to your problems or specific purpose and your birth details. Fill in the form below, for FREE recommendations to be sent to you.

Rudraksha combinations are designed using birth details and your specified purpose. You could read the properties of the different Rudraksha in the Rudraksha section and also decide the most suitable Rudraksha for yourself or combine the Rudraksha of your Zodiac sign (see Zodiac collection) with the Rudraksha of your specific purpose. One bead maybe worn or multiple number of the same bead maybe worn for enhanced and synergistic effects. Rudraksha maybe worn in Gold / Silver / Panchadhatu / Thread.

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For your convenience this section is strictly designed to provide expert Rudraksha, Astro gemstones & other necessary recommendations against your problems / concerns & interests, so kindly excuse us for not answering to any personal questions