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Parad / Mercury Shivalingam - 4

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Weight: 139 - 140 gms apprx.

Weight apprx: 139 - 140 gms apprx..
Quality:            Superfine - authentic
Length: 46.50mm approx.
Breadth: 34.00mm approx.
Height: 42.00mm approx.

This Shiva lingam is made of fine quality mercury / Parad. 
The Shiva ling itself is the original form of lord Shiva to mankind. It is a symbol of prosperity, peace & harmony. The worshipper of any form of Shivlingam is blessed by Lord Shiva. As per Vedas Parad / Mercury shivalingam is considered to be the most auspicious form of lingam in comparison to shivalingam made out of any other metal…

Warning: 1) Please do not lick / put parad bead or any parad product in mouth since parad is poisonous and could be fatal.
2) Be sure to wash your hand with soap properly after you touch any Parad products
3) Keep away childrens from all the parad products.
4) Avoid contact of any other metal with parad products.

Parad / Mercury Shivalingam - 4

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Parad / Mercury Shivalingam - 4
Parad / Mercury Shivalingam - 4


PS - 4

Weight: 139 - 140 gms apprx.