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MISUSE OF WORD "COLLECTOR" for RUDRAKSHA BEADS TO EXTRACT MORE MONEY It is noticed that different methods are adopted by traders, vendors, website owners to extract extra chunk of money in disguise by using psychological impressive words and names to promote their sales. One of the typical example is word “COLLECTOR” Have you ever realized what is exactly the meaning of word Collector used by traders, vendors by mentioning “Collector beads” According to us at Rudrablessings we believe collector means collector items which is unique and no second piece would be easily available. Collector does not means big, collector means something unique, collector means something unique which is once sold second piece is not easily available, Collector does not means same products available in multiples. Example: Kohinoor Diamond in the crown of queen of England; We believe that is the collector item. Just imagine if one trader claims he has 10 or 12 piece of Kohinoor Diamond and similarly other traders, vendors also claim 10 or 15 pieces of Diamond each. In other words if every Tom Dick and Harry claim he has Kohinoor Diamond than just imagine would it be called a unique or would it be called as a collector Items when it is easily available? Answer is NO Imagine every person giving you a Kohinoor Diamond! Now just imagine every vendor naming slightly bigger beads as collector beads to extract huge huge chunk of your hard earned money. It is so simple if they use word Big instead of Collector the value of the bead goes down drastically & you land up paying more than double the price if the Rudraksha bead (so called Collector) is big by 2,3,4mm and you are made to believe it is unique, In case instead of writing Collector bead they are very well aware if they use the word “Big Bead” they will never get double the price or more. This is totally an eyewash . We at Rudrablessings are totally against the double standard method of conning, pushing the sales by promoting these type of misleading words like so called “Collector Bead” Customers are requested to ask these vendors what is meaning of Collector, secondly if it is collector how come he has so many beads, thirdly if he claims he has only one bead please look out for new picture on the website after the sale of that one bead. We at Rudrablessings think customers are not fools and they will realize it sometime Would you ever pay more than double the price for these so called “Collector Beads” ? We leave it up to the client to decide for themselves.

There are vendors and website owners who claim 100% result and if no result money refunded. One of the easiest method adopted by these vendors since they are very well aware once the sales take place practically 5 to 10 % of the buyers would return them the beads, and ask for the refunds. These vendors are very well aware that people have no time to do all this time wasting things. Hence these methods are adopted to push & promote sales by extracting huge price for the same (100% result oriented bead).

We at Rudrablessings request the esteemed prospective clients to ask these types of vendors how are they so assured of 100 % results, what type of machinery, equipment, gadgets and magic they have used to measure the result in that, tell them to prove their claims, and if they cannot prove then ask them why are you claiming it. You can go one step ahead by asking them when you refund the money? What is the procedure? In how many days? And what do you do with the beads returned back to you? Do you drown it in Arabian Sea? If the vendors say they drown it, ask them how many beads till this day they have drowned, and if the answer is nil, either they are speaking lies or they have never refunded, It is matter of fact that these used Beads are put back in to circulation & resold again. In other words you land up buying second hand or used beads for all you know.

We at Rudrablessings believe these types of vendors who give 100% result oriented beads have themself become God or may have even superseded Gods. We request the prospective clients to go and touch their feet or shake hand with these vendors instead of buying bead (save your own money) Since the prospective client, matter fact is touching & meeting these “Gods” ( no need to buy Rudraksha, infact you are being helped by God (vendors) themselves.

We at Rudrablessings are not God, hence we never claim 100% result, hence no refund.

Please think twice before you buy from us. We believe our clients are God & not We.

Every prospective client before buying generally ask if the Rudraksha beads are energized before their purchase. This is yet another Gimmick a vendor claims, he has highly energized and performed Pooja on the beads before he sells to extract good money & promote sales.

We at Rudrablessings believe these all are bogus claims and please do not get carried away with it.. First of all vendor and buyer do not even know each other, they are not family member neither they are friends nor relative. Please let us know, when the buyer and the vendor do not even know each other then why should vendor perform pooja on his or her behalf?

Please ask the vendor when they have performed pooja, who is the witness to it and why has he performed pooja on your behalf (tell him to give one good reason for the same). On the contrary we at Rudrablessings believe never buy energized / Pooja performed beads since these vendors are not your relative neither your near & dear ones.

Buy Rudraksha beads from anywhere but see to it that you spend just 5 minutes and Rs. 5. of your own and worship and perform your own Pooja in your own house temple or any temple nearby. 

We at Rudrablessings believe if you do not have 5 minutes for God then we believe God will not have time for you.

We request you to take your own judgement & decide what is right and what is wrong.

We do not provide Energised / Pooja preperformed beads.

You would come across lot of website and vendors selling Shaligram and would noticing the word (Donate Now) instead of Buy now.

Well what is the meaning of word “Donate Now” when the buyer is clicking on it (Donate Now) actually he is buying it and spending his money. Is the website owner claiming that all the money so received is being donated. If Yes why don’t you ask the vendor, in which temple it is being donated or to which trust it is being donated or where it is donated. Incase even if he is able you give the name of trust, please cross check it and don’t go by his word and further we will go 1 step ahead. Tell the vendor that you are ready to buy and would like to directly donate the amount of the product (Shaligram) to the temple & trust directly, would he deliver the Shaligram after that. If he says no then say why this Gimmick ”Donate Now” This type of vendors tru to show that they are too religious conscious and they do lot of donation. Is it really so. They sell each and every Shaligram for few thousand to Lakhs and try to show that they donate all the money.

Double Standard and hypocracy is the yardstick here. 

Shameful, unbelievable, hypocrates are ruling the world just for anyting for money.

We at Rudrablessings do not donate at all. We purely sale for earning, take it or leave it.

Gimmick claim: Rudraksha cures DISEASES for sales promotion

Lot of vendors claim certain particular Rudraksha is good for certain particular disease. We at Rudrablessings are stunned, how they say that a particular Rudraksha is good for a particular disease. Just imagine if this would be the case there would be no heart disease, no kidney disease, no AIDS, no Cancer, and no other disease. All hospital would be closed. Full worlds disease cure for all disease would be available on these website.

Just imagine how these vendors claims only to corner some huge chunk of money by promoting sales. Prospective clients are requested to ask these vendors how many cancer patients they have cured, their names, address, phone number in details, how many heart patients they have cured with their magic with complete name & details how many kidney patients they have cured. How many blind they have converted to visionary . How many liver diseased patient they have cured, tell them to prove them in writing and give them the details in writing.

Please Note: We at Rudrablessings don’t believe in promoting such type of fictitious sales, Since we are not sitting inside the Rudraksha like this vendors might be sitting inside since they are claiming it.. We don’t give false promises, we don’t create rosy picture, we don’t play on human emotions since we have really no calculationhow and when any particular disease is cured. We request a prospective client not to fall in the trap and if possible not to even buy from us when it comes to cure of certain disease. We have no answers for any cure. 

For almost every Rudraksha buyer the Rudraksha Authenticity/Guarantee certificate means a lot as this so called “Authenticity/Guarantee certificate satisfies & secures the client to a great level. We, RudraBlessings would like to bring to your notice & expose the hidden facts behind this so called Authenticity/Guarantee certificate given for every purchase of Rudraksha by various renowned vendors, websites & T.V channels.

You must have most commonly seen that a “Authenticity/Guarantee certificate” is provided for every Rudraksha purchased from various websites or vendors.
We would like to ask you a question “have you ever given a thought that does the Authenticity/Guarantee certificate provided hold any value?”
For your knowledge & security we would like to tell you that this so called Authenticity/Guarantee certificate is of no value at all as it is not provided by any government approved laboratoty. The “Authenticity/Guarantee Certificate” is issued by the company itself under their own letter head and signed by their own representative. As per the law a certificate doesn’t hold any value unless it is signed or approved by a government authority or unless the authority is given to the company by the government. So, if you just put your thoughts together you would realize that a Authenticity/Guarantee certificate can be provided by any vendor even for a fake Rudraksha & you can’t do anything about it, hence this so called guarantee certificate holds no value & is just a piece of good quality self glorified paper which is being used to take you in confidence & further push you to buy from the vendor, further it is just a marketing stunt. You would never know the authenticity of your Rudraksha just with the help of the so called “Authenticity/Guarantee certificate”. Infact with a guarantee certificate provided you would believe that even the fake Rudraksha provided to you is genuine. Being one of the oldest Rudraksha firms in the market we have seen well known vendors also resorting to sell “so called Rudrakshas” under the support of “so called Authenticity/Guarantee certificate. If you do not believe us you can simply ask the vendor providing a Authenticity/Guarantee certificate whether the same is approved by government approved lab or not & most likely the answer you would receive is “No” or may be some other twisted answer.

Putting the entire above issue in a lay man’s language we would like to tell you that this so called “Authenticity/Guarantee certificate” is equivalent to a MBBS Doctor certificate which has been signed by your own self certifying your ownself that you are an MBBS Doctor. Would anybody take medicine or injection from you? We would like to ask you “do you think such a certificate will hold any value & you will be recognized as a MBBS Doctor in the society?”

Infact you are doing nothing but adding on to or unintentionally encouraging the malpractices followed in the stream of Rudraksha.
We at RudraBlessings do not believe in providing a Authenticity/Guarantee certificate rather we go to the extreme & say that if you doubt us you may not buy from us. Let us also bring to your notice that we are the only firm who has exposed the fact of this so called “Authenticity/Guarantee certificate”. We have also explained each & every possible test of authenticity & other various information & facts on our website for our esteemed clients & readers so that they are not dependent on anyone & don’t get cheated by anyone easily. Even if this doesn’t satisfy you we insist that you do not buy from us & buy from vendors providing guarantee certificate but in any manner we shall never follow the trend of issuing a Bogus guarantee certificate.

Now we would like to ask you one more question “would you ever fall to the trap of such vendors?”
Being educated we are sure that you would be able to judge for yourself regarding what is right & what is wrong rather than we guiding your further.

Wake up!!

Thanking You

Possess the power of Rudraksha……………RudraBlessings