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MISUSE of word "COLLECTOR" to extract big money

MISUSE OF WORD "COLLECTOR" for RUDRAKSHA BEADS TO EXTRACT MORE MONEY It is noticed that different methods are adopted by traders, vendors, website owners to extract extra chunk of money in disguise by using psychological impressive words and names to promote their sales. One of the typical example is word “COLLECTOR” Have you ever realized what is exactly the meaning of word Collector used by traders, vendors by mentioning “Collector beads” According to us at Rudrablessings we believe collector means collector items which is unique and no second piece would be easily available. Collector does not means big, collector means something unique, collector means something unique which is once sold second piece is not easily available, Collector does not means same products available in multiples. Example: Kohinoor Diamond in the crown of queen of England; We believe that is the collector item. Just imagine if one trader claims he has 10 or 12 piece of Kohinoor Diamond and similarly other traders, vendors also claim 10 or 15 pieces of Diamond each. In other words if every Tom Dick and Harry claim he has Kohinoor Diamond than just imagine would it be called a unique or would it be called as a collector Items when it is easily available? Answer is NO Imagine every person giving you a Kohinoor Diamond! Now just imagine every vendor naming slightly bigger beads as collector beads to extract huge huge chunk of your hard earned money. It is so simple if they use word Big instead of Collector the value of the bead goes down drastically & you land up paying more than double the price if the Rudraksha bead (so called Collector) is big by 2,3,4mm and you are made to believe it is unique, In case instead of writing Collector bead they are very well aware if they use the word “Big Bead” they will never get double the price or more. This is totally an eyewash . We at Rudrablessings are totally against the double standard method of conning, pushing the sales by promoting these type of misleading words like so called “Collector Bead” Customers are requested to ask these vendors what is meaning of Collector, secondly if it is collector how come he has so many beads, thirdly if he claims he has only one bead please look out for new picture on the website after the sale of that one bead. We at Rudrablessings think customers are not fools and they will realize it sometime Would you ever pay more than double the price for these so called “Collector Beads” ? We leave it up to the client to decide for themselves.