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BEWARE OF: 100% Result Oriented Beads and Buy Back Policy

There are vendors and website owners who claim 100% result and if no result money refunded. One of the easiest method adopted by these vendors since they are very well aware once the sales take place practically 5 to 10 % of the buyers would return them the beads, and ask for the refunds. These vendors are very well aware that people have no time to do all this time wasting things. Hence these methods are adopted to push & promote sales by extracting huge price for the same (100% result oriented bead).

We at Rudrablessings request the esteemed prospective clients to ask these types of vendors how are they so assured of 100 % results, what type of machinery, equipment, gadgets and magic they have used to measure the result in that, tell them to prove their claims, and if they cannot prove then ask them why are you claiming it. You can go one step ahead by asking them when you refund the money? What is the procedure? In how many days? And what do you do with the beads returned back to you? Do you drown it in Arabian Sea? If the vendors say they drown it, ask them how many beads till this day they have drowned, and if the answer is nil, either they are speaking lies or they have never refunded, It is matter of fact that these used Beads are put back in to circulation & resold again. In other words you land up buying second hand or used beads for all you know.

We at Rudrablessings believe these types of vendors who give 100% result oriented beads have themself become God or may have even superseded Gods. We request the prospective clients to go and touch their feet or shake hand with these vendors instead of buying bead (save your own money) Since the prospective client, matter fact is touching & meeting these “Gods” ( no need to buy Rudraksha, infact you are being helped by God (vendors) themselves.

We at Rudrablessings are not God, hence we never claim 100% result, hence no refund.

Please think twice before you buy from us. We believe our clients are God & not We.