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GIMMICK CLAIM: Pre Energized & Pooja Performed Rudrakshas

Every prospective client before buying generally ask if the Rudraksha beads are energized before their purchase. This is yet another Gimmick a vendor claims, he has highly energized and performed Pooja on the beads before he sells to extract good money & promote sales.

We at Rudrablessings believe these all are bogus claims and please do not get carried away with it.. First of all vendor and buyer do not even know each other, they are not family member neither they are friends nor relative. Please let us know, when the buyer and the vendor do not even know each other then why should vendor perform pooja on his or her behalf?

Please ask the vendor when they have performed pooja, who is the witness to it and why has he performed pooja on your behalf (tell him to give one good reason for the same). On the contrary we at Rudrablessings believe never buy energized / Pooja performed beads since these vendors are not your relative neither your near & dear ones.

Buy Rudraksha beads from anywhere but see to it that you spend just 5 minutes and Rs. 5. of your own and worship and perform your own Pooja in your own house temple or any temple nearby. 

We at Rudrablessings believe if you do not have 5 minutes for God then we believe God will not have time for you.

We request you to take your own judgement & decide what is right and what is wrong.

We do not provide Energised / Pooja preperformed beads.