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Customer Testimonials

Recently Bought Emerald From RudraBlessing And Frankly Speaking The Gemstone quality is Excellent Good Packing And Gr8 Product
Also Straight Forward Views on Gemstone and Rudraksha Reality

Thank you rudra blessing for speedy delivery and desired combination Rudraksha .Thanks for excellent rudraksha .happy and much satisfied..Will shop again in future.

Efficient services, prompt delivery! I ordered two bracelets for myself on 25 Jan and received my order on 28 January. They sent me a free bracelette along with my order as a token of goodwill. I really appreciate their gesture and was very chuffed with my purchase. I will be using their services again.

I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery of the beads I ordered, and for the free gift. I appreciate your straightforward and honest sales approach. I will
 definitely be buying from you in the future.

I like the prompt service of rudra blessings, I received my order in three days , also they are very authentic and genuine.I am totally satisfied with the rudraksha and I like the free gift as well. Thank you rudra blessings good things have started coming into my life.

Thank you for the prompt shipping and the free gift. I am very pleased with the whole experience and will likely be ordering from you in the future.

I really enjoyed the service and level of interaction with RudraBlessings. The service was timely, the site had all the information I looked for and if I had any questions about the products they were available with critical information. Not only will I be shopping again from RudraBlessings I will be making sure that friends looking for Rudraksha or other products shop there as well. When you find an operation that is accessible and approachable you have to support them to show the rest of the industry the kind of service and commitment shoppers require. Better than I could have DREAMED! Possibly the best online vendor that I have ever worked with. Very personal support. GREAT JOB!!

The Rudraksha that I received was in Good Quality and it was a original beads from Indonesia with Authentic certificated provided

When I decided to buy Rudraksha, having surrendered my freewill at the feet of Kali Ma ,it was divinity itself that brought the thought into my heart and I believe it was the divine mother herself who guided me to your store. I feel really happy and satisfied and may god bless all.

The best and genuine seller. What you see is what you get. Very honest and loved the free gift.