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Coral / Moonga for planet Mars / Mangal - 79

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   Weight: 0.85 carat

Name: The Coral / Moonga / Mangal
Origin: Japan
Weight: 0.85 carat
Colour: Orange - Red
Shape & cut: Marquise, cabochon
Measurement: 10.00 x 5.00 x 2.75 mm approx
Luster: Excellent
Transparency: Opaque
Grading: A (On scale A to E)
Quality: Astro Quality
Treatments: None (Guaranteed natural & unheated)
Ideal for: Women / Men's ring, Pendant, Birthstone
Purpose: The Coral / Moonga is worn to reduce the malefic effects or increase the benefic effects of planet “Mars / Mangal” on the wearer.

Coral / Moonga for planet Mars / Mangal - 79

The Red Coral - Moonga  
Astrological & Cosmic Properties  
Ruling Planet Mars / Mangal
Ruling Day Tuesday / Mangalvaar
Ruling Colour Orange & Orangish red
Element Earth
Start wearing on Tuesday
Time to be worn at 12.30 noon
To be worn in (Metal) Gold
Part of Body Ring Finger or around Neck
Mars / Mangal Mantra "Om AnGaaRaKaya Namah".
Donation to please Mars / Mangal Red cloth, laddu, gur(jaggery), lentil…
Energisation Process Click here
Anniversary gemstone for 35th year of marriage
Zodiac Stone for Aries & Scorpio
Astrological Purpose To increase / strengthen the benefic properties & reduce the negative/weak properties of Mars / Mangal in an individual’s birth chart or for overall well being if worn as a birth stone.
Other Benefits helps overcome negativety stress, provides physical & mental fitness, makes you feel energetic, overcomes inferiority complex, fear,guilt, anger....
Avoid wearing Coral / moonga in combination on the same finger. Blue sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite, Cat’s eye
Immediate Substitute Powder Coral



The Coral - Moonga  
Geological & Gemological Properties  
Trade Name

Red Coral / Moonga / Mangal

Other Names Pavalam, Arciscuro, Rosso Scuro, Rosso, Bhauma-ratna, Gem of Mars, Vidruma, Abdhijantu, Being of the ocean.
Species / group Organic – coral
Chemical Composition CaCO3
Colours Orange to Deep red
Crystal System Organic – microcrystalline
Derives its colour from Iron, Magnesium
Hardness on Moh’s scale 3.5 -  4
Refractive Index 3.5
Density(SG) 2.6 to 2.7
Phenomenon / Transparency Opaque
Luster Waxy
Principal Occurrences Thailand, Italy, west Indies, Philippines & Japan.
Beware of Powder coral / Wax.


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Coral / Moonga for planet Mars / Mangal - 79
Coral / Moonga for planet Mars / Mangal - 79


Coral - 79

   Weight: 0.85 carat