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1 Mukhi half moon shaped from India - Bead No. 150

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Size: 27.00mm apprx.
          ACTUAL PHOTO

Name: 1 Mukhi Rudraksha in gold plated bracket
Origin: Indian
Quality: Authentic - Excellent
Size: 27.00mm apprx.
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We at Rudrablessings supply you the same product as shown in the image (photo), not as per our desire, provided the same product is not marked as sold.
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1 Mukhi half moon shaped from India - Bead No. 150

1 mukhi Rudraksha is the most sought after Rudraksha & is considered to be the rarest. Well now when we talk about the rarest 1 mukhi Rudraksha, then we are talking about the round shaped 1 mukhi Rudraksha which is almost impossible to get, there are certain exceptions to 1 mukhi round as well but that shall become all together different topic now. Besides 1 mukhi round, there are 2 other types of 1 mukhi Rudraksha produced by mother nature i.e.  a) 1 mukhi Savar Rudraksha & b) 1 mukhi crescent shaped Rudraksha (1 mukhi half moon shaped) the one shown in the picture.

The 1 mukhi crescent shaped Rudraksha is sold as the substitute for 1 mukhi round Rudraksha without providing adequate knowledge to the buyer. This Rudraksha is not at all rare & is commonly available with most Rudraksha sellers projecting it as rare but now a days manipulation with this commonly produced Rudraksha has also become very common hence one needs to be careful to select the right one without any manipulation.....
The product on sale here is the pure 1 mukhi half moon shape. We know farmers having ancestral plantations of Rudraksha trees & they too claim that the perfect one mukhi round shape hasn’t been produced since a very very long time.
1 mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be the 3rd eye of lord Shiva & hence has the power to overcome various odds of life, it has no specific purpose & hence is used or worshipped for overall well being in various fields of life.

Many sites & vendors also recommend different Rudrakshas to overcome various specific fatal & non fatal diseases but we have no idea if Rudrakshas actually cure them.
• Diseases cured by ek mukhi rudraksha.
• Disease cure by ek mukhi rudraksha.
• Night blindness, urinary stones, respiratory diseases, thrombus in blood vessel.
• Heart diseases, eye/skin problem, fistula, dyspepsia.
• Disorder of digestive function.
• Characterized by discomfort or heartburn or nausea.
• Controls Hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal of the body.
Ritual before wearing: Rudra Abhishek

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1 Mukhi half moon shaped from India - Bead No. 150
1 Mukhi half moon shaped from India - Bead No. 150



Size: 27.00mm apprx.          ACTUAL PHOTO